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Stretching - Training

Check in Must

Health product

Dong Quai Root is used to restart your period. You need to take it for 12 weeks with Estro Balance. First Period will be difficult, low abdominal pain is normal.

Take 3 cap per day for 12 week

Alpha GPC is used for our flying protocol. Please refer to flying pdf for posology

You can take it to help you focus and increase your mindset.

Pantothenic Acid is used to treat acne or skin issue. Use with Biotin.

Take 6 cap per day. 

Biotin is used for skin issues and to improve hair and nail .

Take 3 cap per days 

Tylenol Muscle can be used during prep and off season . It don’t create water retention like Advil, Motrin.

Eveline day cream is used to burn fat, thigh skin and reduce cellulite .

Apply after shower and before cardio.

Eveline night cream is used to burn fat , thigh skin and reduce cellulite during the night.

Apply before going to bed.

Tan Skin Prep

Heels and sweaty feet

Posing Practice

Competition Must-have

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