Have you been training to enter fitness competitions? Do you aspire to be an IFFB Pro? Do you want to be recognised as a top athlete? Then you have come to the right place!


If you yearn to become the best bikini, wellness or figure athlete, Posing by A is your ticket to the top. I groom aspirational women like you to win bikini, wellness and figure competitions. I help phenomenal bikini, wellness and figure athletes challenge themselves to achieve the pinnacle of success and become IFBB pros. Now that you are here, it is your turn to be at the top!


I help you feel confident and powerful, I help you present the best version of yourself and I help you win!


Posing by A offers a comprehensive service that guides you on your journey to the top. Our service starts from training and coaching sessions for posing to meticulously creating your unique competition day look, complete with makeup and jewelry. Whatever you need to outshine your competitors, we have it ready!


I am an IFBB PRO bikini athlete. Having been through the process myself, I know all the tricks and turns in this journey and I can teach you the winning formula. As a thorough professional, I pride myself on being detail-oriented and driven. I have helped 200 active athletes and 70 IFBB pros since 2008, contributing to 316 bikini and wellness wins overall


Discover Posing by A : Your Ultimate Guide to Stage

Posing by A, where I’m dedicated to transforming you into not just a competition-ready athlete but a dominant force on stage. Through a comprehensive suite of services, I offer:

  • -Personalized 1-on-1 Posing Classes to refine your technique and boost confidence with precision.
  • -Check-ins via a Dedicated App for consistent support and progress tracking.
  • -Exclusive Master Classes to elevate your skills in posing and competition psychology.
  • -E-Books packed with insights on posing, preparation, and wellness.
  • -Suit Selection and Stage Look Consultation to ensure you dazzle under the spotlight.
  • -Custom IFBB Pro Routine Creation to highlight your physique and personality uniquely.

At Posing by A, my mission is to provide you with expert guidance and the resources needed for success. Whether you’re starting or looking to enhance your professional status, I’m here to support your growth and help achieve your full potential. Ready to start your journey to becoming an IFBB Pro? Join me and let’s make your dream a reality.


1-on-1 Class

Let`s meet and work on the best version of yourself.

Intensive Coaching

Do you want continuous feedback? Do you want to "see" Ang 3x times per week? Do you want to be your best?
Time to enroll the Academy

Ebooks & Master Classes

MY techniques
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