Elevate Your Stage Presence

Welcome to Posing by A – where champions are born! I’m proud to say that I’ve helped craft over 70 IFBB PRO, positioning myself at the pinnacle of the fitness industry, specializing in posing classes for bikini, wellness and figure. My mission is simple: Pose with Power, Present with Pride

At Posing by A, I recognize that mastering the art of posing is just as crucial as your physical training. How you showcase your hard work can truly set you apart on stage. That’s why my curriculum is thoughtfully designed based on my vast experience in the industry, focusing on what it really takes to capture the judges’ attention.

Why Choose My Classes?

  • Expert Guidance: Benefit from my direct experience as an IFBB pro, bringing you insights and techniques that are truly effective.
  • Personalized Attention: I keep my classes 1-on-1 to ensure you receive tailored feedback, focusing on enhancing your strengths and improving your weaknesses.
  • Comprehensive Curriculum: From the fundamentals to advanced posing strategies, my classes cover everything you need to make a lasting impression on stage.

Whether you’re preparing for your first competition or looking to level up in your IFBB Pro journey, mastering the art of posing with me could be the breakthrough you need. My track record of creating IFBB Pros speaks volumes about my dedication and the success of my program.

Ready to Transform Your Stage Presence?
To embark on this journey together, I invite you to fill out our registration form. Your path to dominating the stage begins here!

Let me, at Posing by A, help you unlock your full potential. The stage is waiting for you to shine!


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