Pro Routine Creation

Do you aspire to be a TOP IFBB Pro? Are you looking to build your unique routine and stand out at the pro level? Pro Routine Creation is the right choice for you. This service is aimed at all  IFBB pros who want to perform a custom routine suited to their style and strength and impress the judges at the pro level.

What the Pro Routine Service includes:


  • I provide you with extra coaching and assist you in building a custom routine that best showcases your strengths and personality as well as masks your weaknesses.
  • I create a special, advanced routine just for you and send you a video recording of the 60-second routine with a detailed step and count.
  • The detailed explanation of the performance routine enables you to practice repeatedly.
  • The routine will be uploaded to the academy over a period of 5-7 consecutive business days, excluding weekends and holidays.
If you’re not currently coach by Angeline, please book a consultation before purchasing your pro routine Creation.

To book your consultation

To purchase your pro routine

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